Puppy area and playground

from € 5.000 (4%)

For the little ones we have a special place reserverd at the Center, where they are cared for with love. They get deworming, ticks treatment, vaccinated and of course washed and fed. To care for puppys is costly, but they too deserve a second chance! 

Besides care, there should be room for development that helps to grow stable characters of the little dogs. In the puppy area they can play, run and discover as much as they want. We also work on their socilisation skills. At the Center visitors can help with this by socializing and playing with the pups. The puppys learn to be around humans and feel happy and safe with them. The first months of a puppy are very important and form the basis for the rest of their lives. In the Center we want to provide special attention to this. 

To realize the puppy area and playground, we need next to the fence, a couple of specific playful items like a tube, slopes, or hurdles and perhaps a swimming pool to get them acquinted with water. This wil surely help them to develop as happy and strond dogs, who are confident to step out in the world!

You can help the puppys grow up as careless, healty and social dogs by supporting this project. 

With your donation you contribute to the daily care of the puppys, their living area and the puppy playground.

We thank you sincerely for your donation on behalf of our puppys! 


Ps. In order to reduce the number of puppys born on the streets, we spay & neuter the mommy dogs as much as possible. This project is called: Break the cycle, an ongoing spay & neuter programme for dogs on Curacao. Support this project! More information can be found on this site!






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19-12-2018 | 19:37 Ik heb gedoneerd omdat ik zo betrokken ben bij het leed van zwerfhonden. Ik heb zelf een hond uit Spanje, een schat. Verder kan ik niet meer tegen het ernstige leed in de wereld als het gaat om dieren. Ik zou graag nog zoveel meer willen doen en helpen. Heel veel succes met jullie mooie organisatie.
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