About us

How did it start?

At first glance, Curaçao looks like an oasis of colors, beautiful beaches and great weather. But there is also a different side of the island. Thousands of dogs live on the streets in extremely sad conditions. They have no food, no water, no love, and the're full of fleas. Although there are many great foundations who are helping the dogs, the biggest issue is that there is just not enough shelter for them. The current locations are overcrowded and dozens of puppies are born every day.

Who are we?

Rossana Kluivert has been working for more than ten years to reduce dog suffering in the world. She has been a huge dog lover since she was a little girl and she finds it really terrible to see the poor living conditions of dogs around the world. It's her dream to tackle this problem on a large scale.

Rossana can't solve this problem on her own. Together with family, friends, acquaintances and volunteers Rossana has now set up the Kluivert Dog Rescue Center. There are two families living on the property who, together with many volunteers, take care of the dogs daily and maintain the center. We are a non-profit foundation and therefore dependent on donations and legacies.

What do we do?

The Kluivert Dog Rescue Center has a number of important goals:

Sterilization: By means of sterilization we reduce the stray dog ​​problem in the long term.

Education: Our goal is to make the people on Curaçao, and especially the youth, aware of the fact that a dog is a responsibility and a family member, that gives you a lot of love but also needs a lot of love.

Give shelter: Dogs that are ill must be taken care of and cared for. At the Kluivert Dog Rescue Center there is an operating room for emergency surgeries and sterilisations.

Adoption: There are many dogs on the island who don't have a home. We find a new home for them where they can lead a new, loving life.