The mission of the Kluivert Dog Rescue Center is to achieve a stray dog free Curaçao and to create awareness among the people of the island. Two dogs can produce more than 67,000 puppies in 6 years. These pups end up in poor conditions, often hopelessly in bags or containers. Our mission is to reduce the large dog population by sterilizing and taking care of and caring for the many neglected dogs and puppies.

Another important goal is education. We educate people from an early age that a dog is a family member you have to take care of. And that in return you get a lot of love back. We teach them that a dog is more than a alarmsystem and that you have to think carefully about purchasing a dog. We do this by organising events for children at the Kluivert Dog Rescue Center where they will be educated about keeping and taking care of dogs and where we will let them interact with the dogs. In the future we will also provide educational sessions at schools.